What should you know when you consider a vendor to meet your uniform needs?

Here are some questions to ask:

HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN AROUND? Children’s World has been around for almost 50 years.

WILL YOU HAVE YOUR UNIFORMS FOR START OF SCHOOL?   Children’s World has items in stock all year round.

HOW LONG WILL YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR REORDERS?   We are fully stock and ready to meet your needs today.

IS THE QUALITY CONSISTENT?   Children’s World only buys from manufacturers of the highest quality.


Are there career opportunities at Children’s World?

Check out our CAREERS AT CHILDREN’S WORLD page for more information.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

No. Look for bottles that do not contain PBA. In addition, there are many plastic bottles now that are biodegradable and/or made out of recycled materials.

What crop uses the most amount of pesticides?

Cotton. Up to 25% more pesticides are used in growing cotton than any other crop.

Do business uniforms make a difference?

A survey of consumers by Modern Uniforms sound that they trusted employees more who were in uniform, than those who were not. They also found that 64% expected to receive better service because of the uniform.

Do Promotional Products increase customer satisfaction?

A survey by Wayne State University found that customers who received a promotional product with a “Thank You” letter were 43% more satisfied with the company than those who received the letter alone

Do Promotional Products generate more sales?

Research done by Baylor University indicated that salespeople who gave promotional products to their customers received 22% more referrals than those who didn’t use a promotional product.

Why women’s dress shirts button on the opposite side of men’s?

In Medieval times, women didn’t usually dress themselves. They usually had handmaids help them. Therefore, the dressmakers designed garments so the buttons were in the proper position for the handmaids dressing the women, not the women themselves.

What are taped seams?

Taped seams are a high-quality feature that puts a small fabric “tape” at the seams, where the sewing is done. This tape leaves the inside of the fabric with a smooth finish, instead of just sewing the two pieces of fabric together, and leaving two rough edges of fabric where the seam has been sewn together on the inside, against the person wearing the item.

What is Teflon SR?

Teflon SR is Dupont’s Teflon Stain Release, which is a fabric process that helps prevents stains from setting in a fabric.

What the term “ounces” of fabric refer to?

Ounces of fabric refers to the weight of one yard of fabric, not the weight of a particular item.

What color shirt is best to wear out in the sun?

A common misconception is that white and light colors are the best to wear out in the sun. In actuality, black and other dark color shirts do a much better job blocking UV rays from getting through the garment and potentially giving the wearer a sunburn.

What makes Children’s World the better choice for your embroidery project?

Here is just one reason. There are three different types of embroidery thread: rayon, polyester and metallic. Rayon is the industry standard, as it shines beautifully, but, it also has a downside. Have you ever seen a shirt with an embroidered logo that appears to have the color washed out of it? That would be a rayon logo that has been worn a lot, laundered heavily, or bleached. Rayon does not hold up to any of these conditions. The second type of thread is polyester, which is almost as shiny, but has none of the wear problems that rayon does. This is the type of thread we use. Embroiderers don’t usually like to work with it, because it is harder to sew with, but for us, the results are worth the extra effort. The last type of thread is metallic, which has actual metal fiber woven into it, and is really just for special effects or showy designs.

When was Children’s World started?

Children’s World is celebrating 50 years serving our customers. We opened our store in 1964.  

When did Children’s World start working with Boy Scouts?

1982, when the former Sunnyland Council Office in Sarasota was consolidated into the Southwest Florida Council in Fort Myers. Children’s World started selling Boy Scout supplies and handling all of the leader’s advancement needs at that time, so local scouters didn’t have to drive to Fort Myers.

When did Children’s World start selling school uniforms?

1983, when one of the local school asked the store to take over their uniform program. Growing every year since then, Children’s World is now the largest uniform supplier in the area.